Capturing the Essence of Your Bond

In the realm of family photography, my goal transcends beyond merely taking beautiful shots; it’s about capturing the unique spirit and the intimate dynamics that make your family one of a kind. Whether it’s the serene, tender moments of the first days with a newborn, surrounded by peace, quiet, and overwhelming love, or a lively walk with an energetic toddler, bursting with life and excitement, my approach is tailored to reflect the true essence of your family.

Collaboratively, we’ll explore what resonates most with you, ensuring the photos we create together not only look stunning but also embody the character of your family. The experience is designed to be a reflection of your relationships, capturing the joy, the quiet moments, and everything in between.

When it comes to photographing children, patience and a no-pressure approach are paramount. I understand the importance of letting kids be kids; hence, I follow their lead, allowing their genuine selves to shine through in every photograph. This approach ensures that the images are not just pictures but precious memories that are authentic and cherished.

Let’s create something beautiful together, something that captures the heart and soul of your family in a way that is uniquely yours.


Discover the beauty of outdoor family sessions where your favourite outdoor spot becomes the perfect backdrop for creating unforgettable memories. They’re an opportunity to enjoy quality family time in the great outdoors. Let the natural beauty enhance your family portraits, making them truly unique and meaningful.

in-home session

Experience the comfort and authenticity of in-home lifestyle sessions, where I capture your family’s everyday moments, turning them into beautiful, styled photographs. Along with candid lifestyle shots, I also guide you through fun, posed pictures that involve the whole family. These sessions are not just about capturing your family’s essence but also about creating joyful memories in the comfort of your own home.

maternity + Newborn photoshoot

Cherish the anticipation and arrival of your newest family member with maternity and newborn sessions. Document the final weeks of pregnancy with beautiful portraits of you, your partner, and your children, if any, awaiting the baby. After the arrival, the newborn sessions capture the raw, tender emotions of your family’s early days with the newest member. These sessions beautifully encapsulate the love, anticipation, and joy surrounding this significant life event.

family event

Whether what kind family event you’re celebrating, such as a first birthday, baptism, anniversary, or a multi-generational family photo session, I’m here to capture these moments. Family events are significant milestones, and my photography ensures that these cherished memories are beautifully preserved. Let’s discuss how I can help make your family event even more memorable with professional photography that tells the story of your family’s milestones.

Preserving Your Stories: My Finest Photographic Products

Throughout my ongoing journey as a photographer, I take immense pride in the enduring relationships I’ve built with top-tier companies in the industry. These collaborations stand as a testament to my dedication to delivering photographic products of unparalleled quality.
Every product I create is a testament to the love, care, and expertise that go into preserving your special moments.

I believe your most cherished moments deserve nothing less than the best. Explore my offerings and find the perfect keepsake to immortalize your special occasions in style.


Gift a Memory: Photo Session Vouchers

Looking for the perfect present? Why not give the memories! My photo session vouchers are your golden ticket to gifting an experience filled with laughter, love, and a whole lot of picture-perfect moments.

your Photographer

As a family photographer, my foremost priority is to create an atmosphere where everyone feels relaxed, trusted, and ready for a good time. To me, a photo session is not just about capturing moments together but also an opportunity to enjoy time in a way that brings joy to all participants. My goal is for each photograph to reflect genuine smiles and to become a keepsake that will delight eyes and hearts for many years to come.

My passion for creating unforgettable memories drives me to ensure that each shot is natural and authentic. I absolutely cherish when, after a session, I receive messages from clients saying their children eagerly ask, “When will Aleksa visit us again?” because they had such a great time. This is the highest reward for me and confirms that the atmosphere I create is conducive to making successful photographs.

Each session is an opportunity for me not only to capture moments but also to give families a time filled with laughter, fun, and love. I believe that this approach is key to creating authentic, emotionally rich photographs that will be a treasured asset for any family.

IN-HOME photoshoot

How to Prepare for a Photo Shoot

Ready, Set, Pose

I’ve dedicated to crafting an essential guide, filled to the brim with insights and advice, aimed at preparing you and your children for a seamless and enjoyable photo session experience. This manual is your go-to resource for mastering the art of family photo readiness, covering everything from coordinating outfits that reflect your family’s personality to engaging your children in a way that ensures their comfort and joy throughout the session.

Within these pages, you’ll discover practical advice on how to create a relaxed atmosphere where you and your children feel completely at ease, allowing your family’s unique dynamics and love to shine through naturally. I’ve gathered all the essential tips to keep the session flowing smoothly, ensuring that every moment is captured with ease and genuine smiles.