Bespoke Memories: Crafted by Me, Inspired by You

My journey through the years as a photographer has instilled in me a profound appreciation for the timeless value of printed photographs and albums. There’s something irreplaceably magical about holding a photograph in your hands, feeling the texture of the paper, and seeing the colours come alive off the page.

If you’ve taken a moment to visit the “About Me” section, you’ll know that from a young age, I cherished those moments spent with family, flipping through albums and photos, each picture a gateway to a cherished memory or a story from the past. This early appreciation for the power of photographs to connect, to tell stories, and to preserve moments in time is what drives my passion for including high-quality printed products in my services. It’s more than just a preference; it’s a way to honor the tradition of shared memories and the tangible joy that comes from a physical print or album.

I’m also acutely aware of cost aspect that comes into play when choosing a photography package. It’s for this reason that I’ve carefully structured my offerings to ensure that while the session costs are kept reasonable, you have the flexibility to enhance your package with high-quality photographic products if need.

Below, I’ve detailed each product available ensuring clarity and transparency in what each option entails. I’ve also taken the time to explain some of the terms used in my offers, aiming to provide you with a comprehensive understanding of what you can expect from your session.

I hope this guide serves as a useful resource in navigating the options available to you. Should you have any questions or need further clarification on any aspect, please don’t hesitate to reach out. I’m here to ensure that your experience is as seamless and enjoyable as possible, culminating in the creation of beautiful memories that you’ll cherish for years to come.

This album is the epitome of luxury, featuring 20 pages of thick, durable cardstock adorned with your chosen images. At 30 x 30 cm, it’s designed to showcase your memories in grand style. Before printing, we’ll collaborate to ensure the design meets your expectations, including the cover, selected from a variety of high-quality materials. Additional pages can be added for a fee, making this album a customisable treasure.

A more intimate rendition of its larger counterpart, this album offers various sizes, with 20 pages of your cherished images. Each album is crafted with care, awaiting your approval and any desired tweaks before finalization. The most popular size, 15×15 cm, provides a compact yet beautiful way to preserve your memories. It’s an additional option to complement your session.

These high-quality prints allow you to physically hold and frame your memories, fitting perfectly into family albums or display frames. Commonly available in a 5×7 inch format, they’re ideal for personal keepsakes or to gift to loved ones. These prints can be additionally ordered to enhance your session’s tangible memories.

The Photo Box is the ideal product. A handcrafted box paired with a selection of prints; either board mounted or matted in an elegant frame. Each Folio Box is equipped with the prints of your choice. You can include from 5 up to 20 elegant, stand-alone prints in your story box. Customise your photo box fully to the needs.

Simple, fun to use. These pages are double-sided and can be designed individually or “combined” for the effect of a full spread. Your photos will be secured by a magnetic seal inside the hardcover, protecting the pictures inside effortlessly.

The online gallery is a private space on my website where you can view and share your session’s photos. Depending on your preference, it can be made publicly accessible on my site or protected by a password I provide only to you. This gallery remains accessible for a year, offering a convenient way to relive and share your memories with friends and family.

your choice of photos

My practice of allowing clients to choose their preferred images ensures that your photo collection truly resonates with you. After the session, you’ll access an online gallery to select your favourites, with the option to purchase additional images if desired. This system ensures satisfaction and personalisation at every step.

Should you find yourself captivated by more moments than anticipated, you have the flexibility to add additional images to your selection for an extra fee. This option allows you to tailor your final collection to include all the memories you’re drawn to. You’ll be informed about the pricing for additional images both before the session and during the selection process. This way, you’re always in control, able to decide whether you’d like to expand your collection beyond the initial package. It’s all about giving you the freedom to preserve as many moments as you wish, ensuring your photo collection perfectly reflects your cherished memories.

If your package includes digital photos, you’ll receive a link to download high-resolution .jpg files after selecting your favourites post-session. These images can be self-printed or, for an additional fee, I can provide professional printing or create photo products for you. The digital delivery ensures quick and easy access to your photographs.

Commercial use

For sessions requiring commercial use of images, such as business, product, or event photography, explicit permission is needed if not included in your chosen package. If other vendors involved in your event wish to use my photos, direct communication with me is required to ensure proper usage rights, respecting the copyright laws that protect all photographic work.

If other creatives involved in making your event, like the talented folks crafting your cake or setting up the decor, wish to showcase their work through my photographs on their social media, I warmly encourage them to get in touch with me directly. It’s a wonderful opportunity for collaboration and mutual support within our creative community.


A voucher is a thoughtful gift, offering loved ones the chance to experience their own dream photo session. It’s a perfect gesture for bridal parties, thank-you gifts, or special occasions, transforming gratitude into memorable experiences.

shoot time

The time allocated for each session is carefully planned to ensure the best outcomes. While I understand and accommodate unforeseen delays, it’s crucial to respect the agreed-upon schedule to maintain the session’s quality. Weather or other uncontrollable factors affecting outdoor sessions will be collaboratively addressed to decide on the next steps, always with a focus on respecting each other’s time and ensuring the best photographic results.

This time starts ticking from the moment we agreed to meet. Life’s little surprises, like a 30-minute delay, are something I completely understand, should there be an unforeseen delay beyond 30 minutes without prior notice, I may, regrettably, have to consider rescheduling or, in some cases, declining the session. 

In the event of unexpected weather changes that might disrupt our outdoor session, rest assured, we’ll work together to figure out the best course of action. Let’s keep our lines of communication open and ensure that our session is a harmonious blend of professionalism, enjoyment, and mutual respect.

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