Cleeve House Wedding

In this enchanting photoshoot, I had the pleasure of capturing the beautiful connection between Sam & Laura. Their genuine affection for each other radiated through every frame, adding a touch of emotion that truly made these photos come alive. We chose the picturesque Cleeve House in Melksham as our backdrop, and I couldn’t have been […]

Somerset Beach Wedding

Welcome to this captivating collection of love, joy, and sublime beauty captured in Burnham-on-Sea, Somerset. This enchanting location, with its expansive beach, charming dunes, and verdant vegetation, created the perfect backdrop for our newlywed couple’s magical day. Each image is a unique testament to their love and lifelong commitment. Their recent vows echo through the […]

Glamorous Wedding Venue

Unveil the beauty of your wedding day with our inspiring portfolio of stylised photos. Crafted with the expertise of local professionals—make-up artists, decorators, florists, hairdressers, and wedding venues—these photographs capture a myriad of themes and settings that are sure to ignite your imagination. From dreamy bohemian themes to classic, timeless elegance, our collaboration with industry […]

M&L Wedding

Covering this wedding brought an interesting feeling: the groom and his brother were strikingly similar, as were the bride and her bridesmaid! It was an extraordinary event that truly stood out. What’s more, you can find in my gallery photos from a session that was scheduled on their original wedding date. The pandemic necessitated a […]

A&A Wedding

Today, we’re excited to share with you some stunning shots from a recent wedding that we had the privilege of photographing. This wedding was a true labor of love, with every detail planned to perfection. From the elegant floral arrangements to the carefully chosen menu, no detail was overlooked in creating a day that was […]

Autumn church wedding deoration

I’m excited to share with you some beautiful photos that I took of the interior decoration at a church wedding that I recently had the pleasure of photographing. As a photographer, I understand the importance of showcasing the hard work and creativity of the talented decorators and florists who help bring a wedding day to […]

Engagement photos by the fire

Head over to my gallery and feast your eyes on a wonderful collection from a recent engagement session. These special photographs not only captured a beautiful milestone but also became a unique wall decoration signed by wedding guests – a memento filled with love and well wishes. Booking an engagement session isn’t just about getting […]

Engagement Session at Sunset

Welcome to our latest photo gallery, featuring an enchanting engagement session captured at the magical hour of sunset. Each frame encapsulates the bond shared by the couple, their joy amplified by the soft, warm glow of the setting sun.

Pandemic Wedding L&G

Weddings during the pandemic? Undeniably, it was a challenging period for those orchestrating their special day. Restrictions such as guest limitations, pre-entry health checks, and additional safety measures may have added stress, but they did not overshadow the joy of these crucial wedding moments. Despite these obstacles, the essence of matrimony remained resilient. These circumstances […]

Pandemic non-Wedding Photoshoot

On the day that was initially earmarked for Monika and Łukasz’s wedding, we found ourselves meeting not for nuptials but for a unique photo session. Regrettably, the pandemic had them reschedule their special day. This shoot became a poignant memento of how the world looked on what would have been their wedding day, a time […]